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Freepour Assistance for Operators during the COVID-19 Pandemic

While we at Freepour are sensitive to the challenges you are facing at this difficult time with your business, we also recognize that you may want to take steps that will make the transition to the "new normal" a little easier. 


 We are providing an opportunity to add systems to your operations that will ensure a speedy recovery to profitability and stabilized cash flow.  


Scanchecker Enterprise, Scanchecker Studio, Draftchecker Dashboard


20% of list price, then another

15% off discounted price

Freepour Terms


30% deposit currently

 30% on installation

 20% 30 days after install,

20% 60 days after install


 Add an extra 5% off price if paid in full now or leased

(15% deposit required - to be refunded when lease funded)


20% off up front fee and monthly fee reduced to match total purchase model discounted price


Deposit must be received at least 14 days before announced restaurant re-opening date by authorities.

What to do?

Email to setup a call to get more details and a guaranteed quote. 289 373 3071 ext 101 

We wish you and your family/staff good health. Please contact us if you would like to consider this offer.  Stay safe!

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