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Do I have to add stickers to in order to scan a bottle?

No. Freepour’s patented device scans the existing bar code and matches it up with items in our vast database of products.

What if there is no barcode?

We can hardcode the brand into our scale so it is searchable on our touchscreen display, or we can help you create new barcode stickers, or create a worksheet with barcodes of bottles that have none.

Do I have to weigh every bottle everyday?

If you do significant revenues from the bar, it would be a good idea to monitor every bottle every day at a rate of 20 bottles per minute (in any order). However you can maintain good control doing weekly inventories, and each day just Spotchecking the top 20 brands that do 80% of your sales. If you see an outlying brand with a high variance on the weekly report, add it to the Spotcheck list the following week.

How many bars can I use the scale at?

In the same establishment, there is no limit to how many bars you can monitor. However you may want to consider adding more scales if you have multiple bar stations. Typical practical limits may be 3 bars with 150 bottles at each station… more than that you should add another scale.


How do I calibrate my lines?

1. Open up the Freepour WebForwarder via the Windows Start Menu under the Freepour folder. 2. Click on the START button and OK to begin the connection from the computer to the Dashboard system. The green progress line indicates an established connection.
3. Login to Dashboard via your Web Browser 4. Click on Line Calibration on the left side 5. Click the Start Calibration button and choose YES to continue 6. Once the red button appears to Stop Calibration - You can now go and pour your calibration beers. Fill up the beers to an exact amount and when all beers have been poured you will click on the Stop Calibration button and YES 7. It will then display ALL of the brands that you poured/calibrated in a list. You will see an option to fill out the amount you poured under the Volume Poured column - Enter the amount poured in ounces and click the mouse anywhere on the screen to have the calibration number fill itself out. 8. Once all brands are filled out the calibration is complete. Click the STOP button on the WebForwarder in the background and close that application down.

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